The digital services provided by the City of Helsinki / Photo: Kimmo Brandt, City of Helsinki

Influence the development of Helsinki’s digital services by answering the web survey

Answer the web survey and share your valuable views on the digital services provided by the City of Helsinki. We wish to bring the services closer to people’s day-to-day life and make it even smoother. This is true for health services and entrepreneurship as well as topical issues. The development aims at securing that the services will be easier to find and understand for all users.

By taking part in the web survey, you will be able to influence the efforts to develop Helsinki's digital services. It takes about 10 minutes to answer the survey. The results of the survey will be anonymised when processed, thus making it impossible to identify the survey participants. We will draw the winners of ten sets of two cinema tickets from among the respondents.

The City of Helsinki has a wide range of digital services to offer. They are meant to make sure that people who live in Helsinki, have an enterprise there or visit the city have access to information and e-services and are able to participate in the operations and in the development of the city. The survey is part of the implementation of the digitisation plan for the City of Helsinki. The objective of the plan is to be able to provide better and more personalised services according to the Helsinkians’ needs.

Answer the web survey

Read about the City of Helsinki's digitisation plan (in Finnish)