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Ultrahack is the biggest hackathon in Europe. Photo: Veeti Haapsamo, 2016.

If it was possible to plan a neighbourhood festival on the web

The City participates in the Ultrahack innovation contest looking for concrete solutions, through which open data 3D models can be employed for event use with a regular web browser, without particular technological skills or special software.

Helsinki's Hel of a 3D City Events Challenge, which concerns the use of 3D city models for events, is solved after Easter at the Ultrahack event on Airo Island.

Using 3D city models, it is possible to make precise plans, for example, for arrangements in the event area, such as stage and stand placements, logistics such as exits, routes and maintenance or calculate the noise effects of the events.

Countless ways to use city models

Using the 3D models covering the entire Helsinki area, it is possible to calculate and visualise city analyses, for example, of alternative energy sources, greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impacts of traffic. The models can also be applied to trade and industry, tourism, navigation, rescue services and building of telecom networks and for property management and area planning needs.

Ultrahack an opportunity for the City to engage developers

Ultrahack is an innovation contest where student teams, startups and corporations solve fresh challenges with the newest technologies. The main event is held from 21 to 23 April 2017.

The City of Helsinki's Ultrahack challenge is arranged with the KIRA-digi programme, which aims to accelerate the digitalisation of the built environment and construction.

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