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Ideas of participatory budgeting to further development in February

The people of Helsinki have submitted 1,260 proposals about how they would like to see their own housing area and Helsinki developed.

Until the beginning of December, it was possible to submit proposals for improving the residential satisfaction to the OmaStadi service. Some of the popular themes have been sports facilities, cultural projects, environmental issues and resident premises.

Last year, Helsinki expanded the dimensions of direct democracy by opening €4.4 million from the City budget for the city residents to decide, every year. Helsinki is the first Finnish municipality to introduce participatory budgeting to this extent.

From proposals to plans at OmaStadi Raksa

The City invites the makers of the proposals which have been chosen for further development to join the work and turn the proposals into actual plans that are put to the vote. The plans are compiled together with the people of Helsinki, the City's employees, communities and companies in the service and at local OmaStadi Raksa meetings.

An OmaStadi Raksa meeting is arranged in each of the seven major districts of Helsinki. Furthermore, there will be one OmaStadi Raksa meeting which concerns the entire City. You can participate in the Raksa meetings even if you have not made a proposal of your own, but want to participate in the drafting of the OmaStadi plans.

Several similar proposals that concern, for example, the same topic or the same area, can be combined in the plans. The plan can also be compiled out of proposals that are different from each other. The objective is to make a sensible amount of concrete and feasible plans.

Get to know the plans and comment on them in the service

The plans are registered in the service, where they can be followed and commented. Later, the elaborated plans are put to the vote, and the people of Helsinki decides which are realised.

Sign up for the OmaStadi Raksa meetings. 

For more information about the OmaStadi meetings, contact your local borough liaison.

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