Outpatient Clinic for Functional Disorders, Synopsia House, Nordenskiöldinkatu 18 B, 1st floor. Image from Service Map

HUS launches outpatient treatment of functional disorders

The Outpatient Clinic for Functional Disorders of Helsinki University Hospital HUS has been operating since May 2019. The clinic treats patients whose symptoms appear to have no apparent cause. The clinic seeks to control and to reduce such symptoms. In addition to patient care, the clinic conducts research and develops the treatment of functional disorders on the basis of the research.  

The clinic’s personnel comprises a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist and a social worker. 

Functional disorders comprise a wide range of diverse disorders and varying syndromes. In the early stages of its operation, the clinic focuses on the treatment of patients who have been examined carefully at other HUS units but whose disorders cannot be shown to have an exact cause with currently available examination tools. 

Uniform medical care recommendation under preparation

There is no uniform medical care recommendation for functional disorders in Finland yet. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has been preparing a statement on the treatment of functional disorders but has not released the final version of this statement. In addition, the preparation of a medical care recommendation for the chronic fatigue syndrome is about to get under way. 

“As we wait for Finnish medical care recommendations, the clinic utilizes international care recommendations and knowledge based on empirical research on the impact of the treatment of functional disorders. Our clinic is not associated with any single international unit, and we keep an open and inquisitive mind regarding emerging care practices,” says Chief Physician Helena Liira at HUS. 

Research is an important part of the clinic’s operations

Scientific understanding of the causes of functional disorders keeps developing, and the specialists associated with the clinic’s operations monitor new research findings constantly. The clinic is also about to begin its own research. 

The Outpatient Clinic for Functional Disorders is also tasked to develop the treatment of functional disorders. The clinic seeks to increase awareness of functional disorders and to develop care of these disorders throughout the country by compiling a network and by training medical care professionals. 

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