The first high-rise building has been completed in Kalasatama. Photo: Maija Astikainen.

Homes high up – residents move into Majakka in Kalasatama

The first high-rise building has been completed in Kalasatama, a new district at the edges of the Helsinki inner city. 

Majakka is Finland’s tallest residential building with its total height of 134 metres. The high-rise towering over the Redi shopping centre has 35 floors and 283 homes. 68 of the Majakka homes received residents last week, and the rest of the homes will be occupied stepwise at the average rate of one unit in an hour over three weeks. 

Redi, that is, the centre of the Kalasatama district, will have eight high-rise buildings with views to the inner city and maritime Helsinki. The second high-rise, Loisto, is now under construction, scheduled for completion by the end of 2021. Homes in Majakka are almost sold out, but Loisto still has homes available. 

A competition was launched for the Kalasatama centre more than 10 years ago – in the autumn of 2019. The competition sought a developer for the Kalasatama centre. The winner was SRV. 

“It has been grand to be involved with and to watch the construction of the Kalasatama centre Redi from the very beginning. Redi has already reached two significant milestones: the shopping centre opened a year ago, and now residents are moving into the first high-rise Majakka,” says the Kalasatama project director Hannu Asikainen of the City of Helsinki. 

Kalasatama received its first residents in the autumn of 2012. The area used to be an industrial harbour and home to small-scale industry, some of which still remains. Construction is underway in many areas of Kalasatama. 

Monitor the progress of construction through a webcam

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