JVG – Ikuinen vappu (Eternal Vappu)

Helsinki’s first ever Vappu at Home was calm – celebrations took place at home and virtual content interested residents

The virtual and digital May Day programme organised by the City of Helsinki has attracted many viewers online. An estimate of 700 000 watched the virtual crowning of Manta and JVG’s gig on different channels on Vappu Eve. Also, May Day has been calm and people are celebrating at home as recommended.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the traditional May Day celebrations in Helsinki were organised in a new format this year. The City of Helsinki, together with its partners, had organised a varied programme that could be enjoyed digitally and in virtual reality.

Vappu Eve was kicked off with the virtual crowning of the Havis Amanda statue and the gig of the rap duo JVG in Virtual Helsinki, which attracted a record amount of viewers, nearly 700 000. The live show was followed on more than 460 000 devices. It is estimated that 1,5 persons per device on average watched the show. Moreover, the concert was shown live on the national MTV news which made the number of viewers momentarily exceed one million. It was thus the biggest online event ever organised in Finland.

Also the rest of Helsinki’s digital Vappu Eve programme received a large audience. For instance, the concert of the a cappella -group Club for Five in Savoy theatre was followed by approximately 17 500 viewers.

“May Day in Helsinki has been calm in these exceptional circumstances. It has been amazing to see how varied a programme, both virtual and digital, has been organised by townspeople and many other parties. Even though we had to celebrate Vappu apart from each other, the joyful community spirit of Vappu was conveyed in social media and virtual reality. Thank you for everyone who celebrated Vappu at Home and to those many parties who made this experience possible” states Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

“This has been a different kind of Vappu for us all and we have not been able to gather around familiar traditions, like the crowning of Manta or picnic in Kaivopuisto. The City of Helsinki still wanted to bring the spirit of Vappu and joy to people celebrating at home, and it’s great that the people in Helsinki adopted the concept of Vappu at Home and no big gatherings in the city centre have taken place.”

The police in Helsinki informed that the May Day celebrations have been particularly calm. Vappu Eve saw no big crowds in the Market Square or the Esplanade. Also May Day has been calm and no picnic parties have gathered in Ullanlinnanmäki or Kaivopuisto.

The Vappu at Home programme continues on the Helsinki channel (helsinkikanava.fi) on May Day. There will be, among others, the Vuotalo spring concert and the concert of the vocal ensemble Rajaton in Savoy theatre.

See the programme for May Day here

The recordings of Vappu Eve’s programme are available on the Helsinki channel (helsinkikanava.fi) JVG – Ikuinen vappu (Eternal Vappu) -gig’s recording is available until Sunday May 3, 23.59.

Photo: Zoan Ltd