Photo: Meeri Lehto, Helsinki XR Center

Helsinki XR Center – the gateway to Finnish VR and AR

Helsinki XR Center (HXRC), a Digital Innovation Hub of XR technologies was founded by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and FIVR – The Finnish Virtual reality Association in January 2019. It aims to become the largest innovation, development and startup center in the Nordics dedicated to VR and AR technologies. HXRC is located in Arabia Design District in Helsinki, in the midst of Metropolia Campus of creative degree programmes.

Facilities include 1000 square meters of developer space and high-quality equipment from workstations to XR devices, co-creation workspace, meeting rooms and the no. 1 XR showroom presenting the fruits of Finnish XR expertise to the world.
Helsinki XR Center is operated by Metropolia UAS together with Finnish Virtual Reality Association FIVR. The Center is powered by the City of Helsinki  and Business Finland.

The Center is constantly looking for new developers and startup teams

HXRC specialists will guide different XR-projects and teams forward in their early phase.

After the first team search, 13 teams were chosen to start work in Helsinki XR Center. Teams selected will get access to working space, research and development support and international marketing and sales contacts. Teams are actively sought throughout the year. Application times are announced separately on the Centre's website. 

Multiple XR events around the year

The Helsinki XR Center works as a link between university students and Finnish VR/AR companies through events, workshops and showcases with industry partners.

HXRC XR Showroom is the gateway to Finnish VR and AR contents, tech and capabilities. HRXC´s annual main event, XR MatchUP, is organized together with the SLUSH startup event in November.
Upcoming events:
6.5. RestiVE Co-Creation Workshop
18.5. HXRC goes Arabia Street Festival
28.5. Extending Design Realities - Technologies For Urban Participation And Resilience
30.–31.5. Opera Beyond First Session 2 days Conference
20.11. The Match Up - SLUSH Side-event

What is XR?
XR means Extended Reality, an umbrella term for technologies that create, augment and merge digital elements with physical space. They are also known as immersive technologies. XR consists of VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality).

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