The jury awarded the joint first prize to WSP Finland's entry " (in the picture) and landscape design company Urban Gardens Finland's "GUT Green Urban Terrace".

Helsinki searched for eco-efficient ways to prolong the restaurant terrace season

The City of Helsinki's Eco-efficient restaurant terrace idea competition has finished and the winners have been decided. Helsinki arranged the competition to find a new concept that can prolong the restaurant terrace season in Nordic conditions, without compromising on ecology. The competition yielded diverse solutions for carrying out an ecological, innovative, duplicable restaurant terrace, which promotes a high-quality cityscape.

The expert jury of the competition was happy about the high-quality competition entries, which approached the challenge of an ecological restaurant terrace in diverse ways.

"We are delighted with the extensive publicity that the competition has gained, for example, in the social media. We also got a delightfully varied participant group, as entries were submitted by design companies, architects' offices, garden and terrace companies, student groups as well as by active citizens", says the Chair of the Jury, City of Helsinki Chief Design Officer Anne Stenros

"Combining eco-efficiency, style and innovation into a comprehensive solution was clearly not an easy task. Hence, it was not easy to pick the winner either", notes Stenros.

Among the entries, there were three particularly prominent solution proposals. The jury awarded the joint first prize to landscape design company Urban Gardens Finland's "GUT Green Urban Terrace" and WSP Finland's entry "". The jury decided to hand out a third prize as well, to Arkkitehtuuritoimisto IAH's entry "TERASSI M80".

According to the jury, almost all competition entries included elements which are very well suited for the concept of an eco-efficient restaurant terrace. The energy solutions were clearly the biggest challenge for the participants: it is difficult to find an energy solution which is usable everywhere. Many entries included an integrated terrace solar system, which is challenging to implement in the city environment due to building shadows. The jury's primary recommendation is getting environment friendly and renewable electricity from the power-distribution network. Moreover, equipment that is as environment friendly as possible should be chosen for the restaurant terraces.

The competition was arranged as part of the Climate Street project, which seeks functional solutions for the built urban environment that can be used to cut greenhouse gas emissions and the energy consumption. The Climate Street receives funding from the City of Helsinki Innovation Fund and the European Regional Development Fund and it is part of the Six City Strategy (6Aika).

The winning proposals

Urban Gardens Finland's proposal ”GUT Green Urban Terrace” is an enjoyable and environmentally conscious city terrace, partially outlined by a green roof and wall. The jury felt that the proposal is a well-planned and feasible comprehensive solution of high quality. An appealing thing about the solution is that it can also be used as a parklet solution, in other words, the terrace can be established temporarily in a parking space, Material efficiency has been acknowledged in the choices of furniture thanks to certified wood. The story of the terrace is told funnily through greenery solutions.

WSP Finland's proposal "" is a design platform, which gives restaurant entrepreneurs an opportunity to design their own terraces by means of a component collection. is based on modular product thinking that can be tailored for the purpose. The jury found the approach modern and excellent and the digital content especially appealing. The solution could, for example, help make Helsinki's restaurant terrace licence process more streamlined. Instead of a single solution, this is a system that produces tailor-made, ecological solution proposals.

Third prize winner Arkkitehtuuritoimisto IAH's solution ”TERASSI M80” was so close to the winners that the jury wanted to award it as well. The recycled materials starting point used in the entry is ambitious and interesting. This proposal was one of the few terrace solutions in the competition to include a fixed roof.

The City of Helsinki strives to promote the materialisation of the winning solutions and the aim is that the world's first eco-efficient restaurant terrace is located in Helsinki during summer 2017.

The jury of the Eco-efficient restaurant terrace competition:

Anne Stenros, City of Helsinki (Chair of the jury)
Jari Viinanen, City of Helsinki (Environment Centre)
Tapio Tuomi, Finnish Clean Energy Association
Jessica Karhu, Finnish Green Building Council
Terhi Tuominen, Dayground Oy
Marjatta Uusitalo, City of Helsinki (Building Control)
Anu Kiiskinen, City of Helsinki (Public Works Department)
Ari Sarmanto, Cafe Carusel


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