Population change in January-July 2017-2019

Helsinki region has 1.5 million inhabitants; 650,000-inhabitant threshold cracked in Helsinki

The population of Helsinki exceeded the 650,000-inhabitant threshold in the summer. According to preliminary information by Statistics Finland, the population of Helsinki was 651,495 at the end of July.

However, the population growth, 3,453 inhabitants, was slower than last year.

The Metropolitan Area grew at record pace

Espoo and Vantaa have grown faster than before in January–July. Thus, the growth of the entire Metropolitan Area, 10,543 inhabitants, was faster than ever during this century, even though the number of births decreased by almost 300 in the Metropolitan Area.

In January, the Metropolitan Area had a net immigration of 8,547 persons, of which half was domestic and the other half from abroad.

More than 1.5 million inhabitants in the Helsinki Region

In July, the population of the 14 municipalities in the Helsinki Region exceeded 1.5 million. in January–July, almost half of the growth in the Helsinki Region, 45 %, came from domestic net immigration, 37 % from abroad and 18 % from natural population growth.

Statistics Finland

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