New Project Manager Minttu Perttula meets challenges of maritime development. (Photo: Pertti Nisonen)

Helsinki received hundreds of ideas for developing maritime offerings

The City of Helsinki is preparing a maritime strategy, whose objective is to improve the availability of coastal destinations and the services in the archipelago, as well as increase the number of maritime events. In the collection of ideas carried out during the first two weeks of March, residents, entrepreneurs, visitors and others had the opportunity to submit their development ideas to the City.

Helsinki received around 500 suggestions through the maritime ideas site and the Kerrokantasi (Voice your opinion) site. The main themes were the functionality of the regular service between the islands, marketing communications of maritime destinations, guest harbours and other services for boaters, maritime events, sanitation of the destinations and the perspectives and different development desires of the maritime entrepreneurs.

In terms of maritime sports, standup paddleboarding alone attracted around one hundred comments, as the future of the Töölönlahti SUP enterprise was discussed in public at the time of the idea collection.

New Project Manager Minttu Perttula meets challenges of maritime development

Helsinki wants to stronger utilise the sea as a means of attraction for the City. This is pursued, for example, though the continued opening of the near archipelago to the public and by furthering the development of maritime tourism services and recreation opportunities. Moreover, a new international modern art biennale that utilises the archipelago will be built to Helsinki. The biennale will be experienced for the first time in 2020. The entrepreneur co-operations will be intensified, for example, by the founding of a network for maritime entrepreneurs with regular meetings.

The Project Manager of the Maritime Strategy Minttu Perttula started at her new job at the City of Helsinki on 16 April. Perttula has previously worked as special planner at Metsähallitus' nature services and as manager of the Vallisaari development project.

"I am well acquainted with the current offerings and development challenges of Helsinki's maritime sector and it has been inspiring to be able to read up on the hundreds of comments that were gathered through the collection of ideas. The comments included many suggestions that we are going to start implementing immediately. Besides the commitment, the answers of the maritime entrepreneurs and the residents show how strongly the sea is deemed as one of the City's most important factors of attraction, the value of which should be further elevated", notes Perttula.

The collection of idea for maritime Helsinki was organised by Owal Group Oy on order of the City of Helsinki.

Background information

The most functional city in the world – The Helsinki City Strategy 2017–2021 provides the guidelines for the future of Helsinki. The strategy is implemented in key projects, one of which is the Maritime Strategy.

The Most Functional City in the World – The Helsinki City Strategy 2017–2021

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