Helsinki reassigns employees to boost coronavirus readiness

The coronavirus outbreak has dramatically changed the City of Helsinki’s services. Many municipal activities have been temporarily closed, while in other areas, the need for more workers has increased significantly. The city wants to use all means available to avoid layoffs at this uncertain time.

Helsinki has therefore decided to set up a dedicated Skills Bank to direct the existing skills and work input of its employees to areas where they can be of the most assistance.

The City of Helsinki’s employees have a diverse array of experience and expertise. I encourage municipal workers to consider how they can be of help in this extraordinary situation. It is important at this time that we work together as a community, show that we are flexible, and find the courage to step up and be of service where we are needed, Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori said.

The city’s managers and supervisors will assess the work situation of their employees to make note of people who are not currently working at full capacity. These workers will be asked to register in the Skills Bank, so the city can potentially utilise their talents in other parts of the organization. City employees will be reassigned to different tasks for a maximum of eight weeks.