Helsinki News cover 3/2018.

Helsinki News explores Helsinki education system and health ecosystem

The new edition of the City of Helsinki’s international news bulletin Helsinki News discusses the success of the Helsinki education system and the strengths of the Helsinki health ecosystem. Key themes in both are personalization and digitalization. 

“Differences in learning results among Helsinki schools are markedly small by international standards,” says Liisa Pohjolainen, Executive Director of the City of Helsinki Education Division, outlining the main strength of the Helsinki education system. Helsinki schools emphasize personalized learning and the digitalization of schoolwork to fulfill their motto “every child can learn”. 

Helsinki wants to advance international exchange of ideas for educating children for the future. As a result, the City of Helsinki organizes Helsinki Education Week in partnership with HundrED, a Helsinki-based non-profit organization, which explores the world for impactful innovations in primary and secondary education. 

“We seek to unburden teachers by identifying and disseminating practices that are proven to work,” says Saku Tuominen, Founder and Creative Director of HundrED. 

Helsinki Education Week is held 5–11 November 2018 and will become an annual event focusing on excellence and equity in education. Helsinki Education Week 

Helsinki is today home to pioneering medical research and digital innovations that form key elements in the future of health care. “Helsinki possesses an exceptionally robust health ecosystem,” says Kimmo Koponen, a senior business advisor at Helsinki Business Hub.  

A prime example of the workings of the Helsinki health ecosystem is the genome research project FinnGen, which is aimed at producing new solutions for personalized medicine. 

Personalized service is one of the cornerstones of the future outpatient care and service concepts in public health care and social services in Helsinki. The embodiment of the new concepts is the new Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Centre. “Our guiding principle is customer orientation,” says Lars Rosengren, Medical Director and Project Manager of the centre. 

Specialized health care for pediatric patients is now provided at New Children’s Hospital of HUS Helsinki University Hospital. The hospital is designed for the wellbeing of children. 

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