Helsinki New Year at Home

Helsinki New Year at Home

This year we won’t be gathering in the city to celebrate the countdown to New Year; instead, the event will come to you! Due to the coronavirus situation the official Helsinki fireworks will not take place.

As you celebrate the New Year remotely, you can enjoy the festivities in the comfort of your own home instead of shivering out in the cold – social distancing safely and wrapped in a warm blanket of community spirit.

There will be a smashing programme for everyone: from a house party for children to a late-night star-studded concert, not forgetting the DJ’s afterparty and a laser show that will illuminate the Helsinki sky.


Laser Installation Telegraph of Time on 31/12 from 15:30 to 01/01 09:30

As the last rays of sun in 2020 go down beyond the horizon, laser beams will light up the Helsinki sky, transmitting “2020–2021” in Morse code in all directions from the Olympic Stadium tower.

The work can be viewed all evening, night and morning while it is dark, and you can choose a time and place that suits you. The work can be experienced for about 18 hours in total. It will be visible throughout the Helsinki area, especially from unobstructed places with a view of the Olympic Stadium tower.

The laser installation will also be featured on New Year’s TV broadcast on Yle TV1 and Areena.

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Sleepyhead’s New Year’s Eve Countdown on the Helsinki-kanava Channel on 31/12 from 17:30–18:00.

Sleepyhead’s New Year’s Eve Countdown is a fun celebration for the whole family, during which everyone is encouraged to try their hand at art and to dance and play bingo with the programme’s hosts from the comfort of their own home. Sleepyhead may have difficulty staying awake on New Year’s Eve, but luckily there are a group of neighbours who come to entertain and keep everyone awake.

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Classical Trancelations – Helsinki New Year concert & Ringing in 2021 broadcast on Yle TV1 and Yle Areena on 31/12 from 22:30 to 01/01 01:00

The New Year will be rang in with an unforgettable arrangement of hit songs and sparkling star performers! New Year’s Eve’s Classical Trancelations – Helsinki New Year concert is an audio-visual spectacle that brings together the most legendary dance music classics and the power of a symphony orchestra in a way you’ve never seen before.

The Ballroom in Helsinki City Hall is transformed into the stage for the New Year’s event, and a number of Finland’s leading artists perform as soloists of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, including Chisu, Nelli Matula, Redrama, Olavi Uusivirta, MARiANNA, Paleface, Pete Parkkonen, Robin Packalen, Jesse Markin, Tapani Rinne and Darude.

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