Kuninkaantammi is a pilot area for climate-smart development in Helsinki. Photo: Susa Junnola.

Helsinki-lehti on climate adaptation and public playgrounds

The English section of Helsinki-lehti’s new edition presents climate-smart Kuninkaantammi and the services of Helsinki’s public playgrounds including Finnish-language instruction for immigrant families. 

As Helsinki starts to implement an action plan to render the city carbon neutral by 2035, the city draws up other plans to prepare for climate change. The northern-Helsinki residential district of Kuninkaantammi is a pilot area for climate-smart planning and development. One of the solutions piloted in the area is a stormwater management system built with water and green elements. 

“Our solutions in Kuninkaantammi prevent urban flooding, and they also create a nature-themed and pleasant living environment,” says Kuninkaantammi’s principal planner Suvi Tyynilä

“Cities are built with the future in mind,” Tyynilä says. She asserts, “The climate has already changed and will be changing further.” 

Helsinki’s 66 public playgrounds are open to all – from toddlers to seniors – providing activities for children and offering company for grownups. In summer they serve free meals to all children and young people. 

It is important, especially for immigrants, to realize that public playgrounds are free of charge. “It may be difficult for immigrants to understand that, as free playgrounds are rare on a global scale,” says playground supervisor Amin Rashid at Playgound Kurkimäki. 

One of the free-of-charge services of public playgrounds is Finnish-language instruction at informal and social Kotoklubi Kaneli club meetings. The meetings are open to all parents of small children irrespective of their previous Finnish-language skills. 

Social advisor Kirsi-Marja Hyvönen says, “Kotoklubi Kaneli requires no enrolment, and people can come when it suits their schedules.” The purpose is to learn everyday vocabulary and spoken-Finnish expressions. Today 18 Helsinki public playgrounds hold Kotoklubi Kaneli meetings, and summer meetings are held at 12 playgrounds. 

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