Helsinki launches innovation competition based on Ressu Comprehensive School’s IoT smart school system

The City of Helsinki challenges enterprises to develop new types of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and to test them at the Ressu Comprehensive School property. The goal is to help enterprises to develop new means to produce added value for real estate owners, managers and users with solutions that utilize the IoT technology. 

The Ressu Comprehensive School uses an IoT system that gathers occupancy data on nearly all learning environments of the school at five-minute intervals. In addition, sensors measure the temperature, lighting levels and humidity at these environments. The measurement data is visualized to the school staff in a report that shows available spaces almost in real time. The data on usage rates is reported to management, in order for them to form a picture of the sufficiency of the school facilities for the current number of users and current uses. 

Competition to advance new business activity

“Our goal has been to produce data on occupancy and usage rates for the purposes of the innovation competition, as it seems that school facilities are in busy use – especially in city centres. Thus there is big business potential for solutions that enable smarter use of space, both in Finland and internationally,” says the competition leader Raigo Megerild of the City of Helsinki Economic Development division. 

However, the innovations entered into the competition do not have to be directly related to the use of space. It is enough that the proposed solutions utilize a part of the current system. So the innovations for the competition can involve enrichment of data, user interface development or development of sensor accuracy, as long as they are intended to produce added value for customers. The City of Helsinki has allocated 20,000 euros for the implementation of pilots.  

“All in all, data is gathered on more than 40 learning environments. The system goes into operation in September 2019, and the pilots of the innovation competition will be carried out during the school year 2019–2020,” Megerild explains. 

The IoT smart school system of Ressu was delivered by Aureolis Oy in cooperation with Viria Security Oy. 

According to the Helsinki City Strategy, Helsinki is developed through activities in which the whole city serves as a platform for experiments and innovative business. Helsinki advances the creation of a new business ecosystem of experimentation in cooperation with various actors including enterprises. The City’s goal is to become the leading platform for experimentation in Europe by 2025. This goal is pursued in the education sector by opening the city as a platform in the project by 6Aika – Six City Strategy – titled Smart Learning Environments for the Future. The innovation competition is a part of the project. 

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Raigo Megerild, Business Development Advisor at the unit for innovations and new experiments in the Economic Development division of the Helsinki City Executive Office, phone +358 40 638 6794, raigo.megerild(at)