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Helsinki introduces the Climate Watch to keep you posted on the emissions reductions

Helsinki has developed the Climate Watch that even in an international context is a unique tool for monitoring climate protection and emissions reductions. Helsinki aims to accomplish carbon neutrality by year 2035, and hence it has launched 147 measures to reduce emissions and attain this goal. Thanks to the Climate Watch, anyone will be able to follow the progress of these measures and their impact on the amount of CO2 emissions in Helsinki.

The Climate Watch is a service that comprises data on each measure in the emissions reduction programme and on their progress. Even the background assumptions and calculations that form the basis for the emissions assessments will in future be made public.

The Climate Watch shows the order of magnitude of each measure and their effects on the attainment of the goal of carbon neutrality. In the service, you may also search and review Helsinki’s climate measures by theme or by body that is in charge.

The political decision-makers may make use of the Climate Watch as they assess whether the emissions are being reduced as agreed. Thanks to the open data, the researchers will be able to assess the effects of the measures as well as the underlying assumptions and calculations.

In future, also the city residents will be able to give feedback easily on the measures to reduce emissions and express how they would like to be involved in their implementation. The City of Helsinki aims at making it easy for the Helsinkians and those visiting the city to choose a climate-friendly lifestyle.

Since 1990, Helsinki has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions already by 27 per cent. In its City Strategy, Helsinki has resolved to attain its 2035 carbon neutrality goal by a mix of measures out of which 80 per cent result in emissions reductions and 20 per cent consist of emission compensation. Thus, carbon neutrality will be attained, i.e. the net emissions should be zero with year 2035 as the period of review.

“We prepared our Carbon-Neutral Helsinki 2035 Action Plan very transparently and would like to carry on this way also while reporting on its implementation and assessing the next steps. I believe that we will find the Climate Watch to be an efficient tool. Other local authorities are also free to make use of it”, says Esa Nikunen, the director general of the City of Helsinki environmental services.

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