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Professor Laura Kolbe. Photo: helsinki info

Helsinki-info on centenary of independence: Learning from the past

As Finland celebrates the centenary of Finnish independence in 2017, the country should also look back, suggests Professor Laura Kolbe. She points out the crucial importance of history for understanding the present in an article that appears in the English section of the Helsinki-info bulletin’s new edition.

Dr Kolbe discusses Helsinki both before and after the declaration of independence in 1917, and she outlines the development of the city and the nation over the last 100 years. “Finnish history is a tale of survival and success,” she sums up.

In its regular series on immigrant life in Helsinki, Helsinki-info introduces Italian architect Martino De Rossi who prefers Helsinki to Venice. De Rossi approves both the winter climate and the entrepreneurial climate of Helsinki. A co-founder of a Helsinki architecture studio, he affirms, “It’s good to be an entrepreneur in Finland.”

Helsinki-info also presents Meeting Point Cafés, a programme to bring together new Helsinki residents from various countries and cultures, asylum seekers and longer-standing residents. The goal is to strengthen social contacts, reduce prejudices and widen horizons.

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