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Helsinki in a nutshell in 7 languages

Helsinki facts and figures 2018 – a booklet containing key information on Helsinki ­– is available in seven languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, German, French and Chinese. 

This handy booklet contains statistical information on Helsinki in 15 categories, which include Population, Housing, Education, Employment, Culture, Travel and Health. The information content has been revised from previous years’ editions, highlighting some current and important themes for Helsinki, such as population growth, environmental affairs, urban events and the city’s high travel and tourism numbers. 

See all language versions: 

Helsinki facts and figures 2018 – PDF

Tilastotietoja Helsingistä 2018 – Helsinki facts and figures in Finnish, PDF

Helsingfors i siffror 2018 – Swedish, PDF

Helsinki in Zahlen 2018 – German, PDF

Helsinki en chiffres 2018 – French, PDF

2018年赫辛基 – Chinese, PDF

Хельсинки в цифрах 2018 – Russian, PDF