Helsinki gains membership in EIT Urban Mobility

Helsinki joins the EIT Urban Mobility foundation as a Member starting September 2019. The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU body created to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate and support innovation partnerships.

These Knowledge and Innovation Communities intensify the Europe-wide co-operation, for example, between cities and other actors. In its current phase, the EIT Urban Mobility KIC brings together 13 cities, 16 companies, 11 institutes of higher education and 7 research institutes around Europe.

In 2018, the City of Helsinki participated and won as a part of the Mobilus consortium the EIT’s funding call for an urban traffic innovation community. In the Mobilus consortium, the City had 47 partners and since then, the work to create the judicial structure of the network has been performed during 2019 as a collaboration between the applicants.

The Helsinki City Board decided about the membership at its meeting on 16 September. According to the Helsinki City Strategy, the entire City is developed as a platform for innovations and new experiments and for a creative business policy. Also line with the City Strategy, Helsinki wants to consolidate its international profile as a design metropolis and its position as an international forerunner in inclusion and transparency. Helsinki also strives to become a pioneer in overall functional smart traffic systems, and to be able to achieve this, Helsinki must build strategic partnerships with international players and other leading cities. The Urban Mobility KIC network is an excellent basis for furthering these goals.

EIT Urban Mobility KIC will receive around EUR 399 million in EU funding over a time period of 7 years. As a member of the network, Helsinki can utilise the funding in its own development activities, in the research activities of the local institutes of higher education and in supporting the innovation activities of companies in the area.