Helsinki focuses on safe tourism

After a long time of restrictions on movement and stay because of the coronavirus, Helsinki wants to make sure that the guests returning to the city will get as pleasant and reliable an experience as possible of the events the capital has to offer. Helsinki and the service design agency Hellon conducted a study to identify measures that give the customers peace of mind and a general sense of security at events and in tourist services.

In the study, conducted during May–June 2020, 66 per cent of the consumers said that the sense of security was one of the most important factors affecting decisions about domestic travel. Furthermore, 32 per cent of the consumers would start using tourist services earlier than planned if the service provider considered safety and took measures to improve safety. Less than half (45 %) of the respondents saw domestic city travel as safe enough already.

The study also dealt with the respondents’ trust and willingness to take part in events. The results showed that, for the present, people hesitate more about taking part in events and that only 26 per cent of the respondents saw taking part in events as safe enough.

“After a long period of isolation, we begin to return to everyday life, but it is different from what it was before. It is important for service providers in Helsinki to understand how the customers perceive safety. The public needs to feel safe at events and in the city. After this exceptional situation, it is important to experience both enjoyment and peace of mind at the events in Helsinki,” Director of Economic Development at the City of Helsinki Marja-Leena Rinkineva says.

This is how the City ensures a successful safety experience

  • Calm and composed personnel play a significant role in creating the customers’ safety experience.
  • As customers are typically worried about other customers and their behaviour, it is important that the service provider ensures that the customers follow safety distances and other shared rules.
  • Active, clear and proactive communication about safety-enhancing measures builds trust.
  • Measures for enhanced cleanliness and hygiene can be made visible to the customers.
  • It is important to provide customers with easy-access possibilities for giving feedback and to react to the feedback.

The City of Helsinki uses the information from the study to make suggestions on how to create a safe customer experience. Read more about these suggestions on the City website (in Finnish).

Photo: Jussi Hellsten