Helsinki facts and figures 2019 – Pocket statistics published in seven languages

Helsinki facts and figures is a compact statistical booklet published on an annual basis that covers key figures about Helsinki and its inhabitants. The 48-page pocket-size publication is a collection of indicators of e.g. the environment, population, housing and construction, education, economy, transport, tourism and administration.

The updated edition of the statistical package has now been released in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Russian and Chinese.

Some samples from the pocket statistics:

  • In Helsinki, there are 27 beaches, 13 winter swimming places, 14 ice stadiums, 16 swimming halls and outdoor pools, 818 indoor sports facilities and 92 dog parks.
  • Russians were the biggest group of foreign travellers to stay in Helsinki overnight. Their overnight stays at registered accommodation establishments was in the excess of 209,000. Next came travellers from Germany (189,000), the United States (177,000), Great Britain (159,000) and Sweden (148,000).
  • The most popular museums last year were Helsinki City Museum (about 445,000 visits) and Ateneum (323,000). The municipal libraries registered 6.5 million visits, that is to say about 10 visits for every city resident.
  • The Helsinkians’ average age is 40.7 years. In Finland as a whole, the average age is higher, 42.9 years.
  • The life expectancy for Helsinkian males who were born in 2018 is 78.7 years, which is almost twelve years higher than the figure for year 1978. Female Helsinkians’ life expectancy at birth (born 2018) is 84.1 years.
  • Single-person households made up nearly 49 percent of households in Helsinki. Households composed of two persons accounted for 31 percent, and about 11 percent of the households consisted of at least four people.
  • The City of Helsinki employs all told 37,700 people. The most common professional titles were childcarer and practical nurse. Approximately 40 percent of all municipal employees work for the Social Services and Health Care Division.
  • The air quality in Helsinki centre was deemed good or satisfactory during about 91 percent of the hours of that year. The peak daily average temperature was 30.4°C, while 24.2°C had been the previous year’s record.


Tilastotietoja Helsingistä 2019, pdf.

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Helsinki facts and figures 2019, pdf.

Хельсинки в цифрах 2019, pdf.

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