Helsinki coronavirus question time.

Helsinki coronavirus question time on April 28

The City of Helsinki will hold an open coronavirus question time on Wednesday, April 28, from 18:00. During the event, which will be broadcast on the Helsinki channel, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori, Director of Social Services and Health Care Division Juha Jolkkonen, Director of Education Division Liisa Pohjolainen and Director of Culture and Leisure Division Tommi Laitio, as well as other city experts, will answer questions presented by citizens about the coronavirus situation.

Questions may relate, for example, to the epidemic situation in Helsinki, coronavirus restrictions and related powers, or recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

Submit your question at no later than on Monday 26st of April at 10:00. During the event, questions can be presented on the message wall, which can be found at at the bottom of the broadcast page.

A recording of the event will later be published on the Helsinki channel with subtitles in Finnish and Swedish, as well as sign language interpretation.

Coronavirus updates from Helsinki

Published 22 and updated 26, 27 and 28 April.