Helsinki commits to furthering MyData principles when renewing its services

The City of Helsinki is renewing its services through utilising digitalisation. With digitalisation, securing the privacy of the citizens is a central question, since different data reserves, such as personal data, are utilised in digital services. 

"When renewing services, the wider benefits of digitalisation can only be accessed if the citizens can trust that their privacy is protected in the web services. The City of Helsinki has committed to securing privacy and furthering the implementation of the MyData principle in public services," Markku Raitio at the Helsinki City Executive Office says. The MyData principle refers to the possibility of managing one's own data in digital services and to the way in which this data is utilised and further shared for different purposes.


The EU's future privacy protection policies set new requirements for processing personal data. Through MyData solutions, the city is looking for ways in which the citizens can access data concerning themselves with maximum ease in the way that is intended in the data protection regulation.


The City of Helsinki already looked into utilising MyData in the development of its services in 2016. In the account, the sources of the city's personal data reserves were surveyed and concepts for how to try out MyData solutions in the future were presented.


The ground rules for MyData are being developed in international cooperation


The ground rules for managing and utilising personal data are being developed in international networks. Along with numerous actors in the field, Helsinki is participating in the MyData 2017 conference that takes place in Helsinki and Tallinn from 30 August to 1 September and focuses on seeking solutions for the implementation of MyData principles.

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