Photo: Pertti Nisonen. City Council Chair Otso Kivekäs in middle.

Helsinki City Councillors assemble in their first remote meeting on 8 April

The Helsinki City Council meeting of Wednesday, 8 April 2020, is held virtually.

Councillors can attend the meeting either online or in person at the City Council hall. The meeting is the biggest virtual gathering of municipal bodies in Finland to date. The Helsinki City Council with its 85 members is Finland’s biggest city council.

“The City Council is the highest decision-making body of Helsinki, and its decision-making capability affects all City of Helsinki operations,” says City Council Chair Otso Kivekäs (Greens).

City of Helsinki administrative bodies, the City Board, the City Board sub-committees and the committees of City divisions have also shifted to virtual meetings. Thus the functioning of the City of Helsinki decision-making has been secured even in exceptional situations.

“It is a notable occasion in municipal decision-making when a Helsinki City Council meeting is held virtually, for the size of the City Council alone. However, it is of utmost importance that the continuity and democratic nature of decision-making are secured even in exceptional situations. Therefore the Helsinki City Council continues operating with a regular frequency of meetings and with a regular agenda,” Kivekäs states.

The Council meeting roll call to take attendance and possible votes have to be organized in an exceptional manner, but they can be carried out through virtual means in a manner provided by the Local Government Act.

Helsinki City Council meetings are open to the public, but the Council hall’s mezzanine section reserved for the public is closed for the time being. The Council meeting is live streamed on the City of Helsinki video channel Helsinki-kanava at

The City Council meeting begins at 18:00. The items on the agenda include the Hakaniemenranta detailed plan and detailed plan alteration and alterations to the detailed plans of the Kamppi Chapel of Silence and the Puotila shopping centre. The meeting agenda (in Finnish) is available on the City Council webpages.

City of Helsinki video channel Helsinki-kanava