Helsinki City Board approves conditions for granting parking permits to Home Care Services

The Helsinki City Board has approved conditions for granting parking symbols permitting local parking to the City of Helsinki Home Care Services. The City Board made the decision at its meeting of 30 November 2020. Parking permits for Home Care Services can be granted for the performance of municipal duties in domestic services, housing services and home nursing, as well as for the performance of special duties in disability services and services for the intellectually and developmentally disabled. 

A parking permit symbol permits the holder to park on a street or at another site managed by the municipality regardless of a no-parking or a limited-parking sign. With a parking permit symbol, parking is permitted 

  • free-of-charge at a parking space subject to parking charges,
  • at a site where parking is prohibited with a no-parking sign, and
  • for a longer period than permitted at sites with time limits for parking. 

In addition, a parking permit symbol permits parking on living streets at other sites than those marked as parking spaces, if this does not cause significant disturbance to traffic on the living street. 

The fee charged for a parking permit is 100 euros, which is charged only once. A parking permit symbol is issued for a vehicle. A parking permit can be granted for no longer than two years, and it covers the entire city. 

Parking permits are granted by the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division. Applications for parking permits are accepted from the Social Services and Health Care Division and HUS Helsinki University Hospital. Parking permits can be granted to private service providers on the condition that the private service providers have been selected on the basis of a public bidding process or accept service vouchers for their services. 

According to a rough estimate, City of Helsinki Home Care Services make approximately three million visits to customers in a year, roughly half of them by car. It is estimated that approximately 600 parking permits will be acquired for public-sector service providers. No exact estimate exists for the number of parking permits needed for private service providers, but the number is expected to be lower than that in the public sector. 

A project plan for the Myllypuro campus of Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute proceeds to the City Council 

The City Board approved a project plan for the proposed Myllypuro campus of Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute. The scope of construction according to the plan is 10,350 square metres of floor area, and the maximum price set for construction is 48,044,000 euros. 

The project plan is for a new educational building for the construction and building technology studies of Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute, to be located on Ring Road I in Myllypuro in the vicinity of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The new building will replace the current facilities of the construction and building technology studies, which are located on Vuokkiniementie, Abraham Wetterintie and Sturenkatu. 

The relocation of the construction and building technology studies to Myllypuro is based on a section of the Helsinki City Strategy of 2017, according to which Helsinki invests in such physical learning environments that promote the acquisition of skills needed in the workplace and in information society. The new campus for construction and building technology studies near Metropolia in Myllypuro will be an educational institution that can attract international interest. It will educate professionals at university-of-applied-science and secondary levels. 

The final decision on the project plan will be made by the City Council. 

A report to the City Council on actions based on the 2019 assessment report 

The City Board decided at its meeting of 30 November that a report be issued to the City Council on actions carried out on the basis of the Audit Committee’s 2019 assessment report. In May 2020, the City Board and appropriate City of Helsinki committees submitted to the Audit Committee statements on the recommendations and requests for action presented in the Audit Committee’s assessment report of 2019. The statements outlined the actions that the City Executive Committee and Divisions should carry out on the basis of the assessment report. 

Read the report here (PDF, in Finnish) 

All decisions of the City Board meeting of 30 November 2020 are available on the decisions release page. (The page and documents are in Finnish.)