Helsinki City Board approved the 2020 Budget

The Helsinki City Board approved at its meeting on 21 October 2019 the proposal for the 2020 Budget and the proposal for the 2020-2022 Financial Plan.

The approved proposal is based on the agreed result of the negotiations between the council groups represented in the City Board. The Mayor’s budget proposal includes a 39.5 million euro addition to the operational economy, to the disposal of the divisions.

The negotiation result can be viewed on the City Board's Agenda.

The 2020 budget proposal and the local income tax rate and real estate tax rate will be processed by the City Council on 13 October and 27 October 2019.

City Board processed citizen initiatives

There were three citizen initiatives registered between 1 January and 30 June 2019. The initiatives and the answers given in consequence of them can be found on the Agenda. Two of the initiatives concerns the Urban Environment Division and they have been answered with a letter from the Deputy Mayor. One initiative concerns the founding of a HLBTQ Community House for sexual and gender minorities in Helsinki, and it has been answered with a letter from the Head of the participation and citizen information unit.

All the decisions of the 21 October 2019 City Board meeting are available at the decision messages site. The decision message is readable until the minutes are published. The City Board minutes can be found here.