Helsinki by District 2019 publication

Helsinki by District 2019: Information about the districts of Helsinki and their development in one place

The Helsinki by District 2019 publication, which presents the Helsinki districts in light of statistics, has been published. It brings together information on different neighbourhoods and presents a multifarious Helsinki.

The descriptions of the 8 major districts and 34 districts are complemented by a review of the development in the entire city and its position as part of the wider Helsinki Region. Helsinki by District 2019 is a publication by the Urban Research and Statistics unit at the Helsinki City Executive Office.

Helsinki is comprised of distinctive neighbourhoods, all of which have their own history and current look. The book begins with an overview of the city’s development, and a comparison of districts. The latest statistics concerning the population, education and income level, housing, employment and jobs as well as school, social and health and other services are included for each major district and district The land use and services in each districts are presented on detailed maps. In addition to the history and current look of the districts, the descriptions include the main features and some a glimpse into the future.

Helsinki by District is published annually on the web and about every other year in print. The 2019 publication is available in print and on the web. The publication is partially in Swedish and in English.

Detailed information on the districts can also be found in the Helsinki Region Database.

Further information:

Helsinki alueittain 2019. Helsingfors områdesvis. Helsinki by District. Helsinki City Executive Office, Urban Research and Statistics (pdf)