Helsinki Chief Digital Officer Mikko Rusama and Amsterdam Deputy Mayor Touria Meliani signed a cooperation agreement in Helsinki on Tuesday 26 November 2019. Photographer: Pasi Rautio.

Helsinki and Amsterdam intensify cooperation to ensure transparent use of AI

Through international cooperation, Helsinki wants to further the ethical and fair use of artificial intelligence in the European Union. To advance this, Helsinki Chief Digital Officer Mikko Rusama and Amsterdam Deputy Mayor Touria Meliani agreed on Tuesday 26 November 2019 about cooperation between the cities.

Both Helsinki and Amsterdam are members of the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights initiative. The aim of the organisation is to create ways to utilise the Internet in a more humane and democratic manner. As part of the initiative, Helsinki and Amsterdam intensify their cooperation, the aim of which is to develop a joint terminology and ways to explain the use of artificial intelligence to the city residents.

Procurement practices and open register on how cities utilise AI

Through the cooperation agreement, Helsinki and Amsterdam strive to create an open technology register. The register can be used for evaluating how artificial intelligence is being utilised in the cities. At the same time, the cities will develop joint procurement practices to ensure that the solutions purchased by the cities do not compromise the rights of the people.

“In Finland and around the world, there have been many cases where challenges in the utilisation of artificial intelligence have occurred. However, artificial intelligence can at the same time substantially help and improve the ability of the cities to offer better services to the city residents. Together with the City of Amsterdam and the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights initiative, we want to advance the fair and transparent use of artificial intelligence”, comments Mikko Rusama on the significance of the agreement.

The City of Helsinki joined the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights initiative in February 2019 and signed the Declaration of Cities Coalition for Digital Rights. The aim of the Declaration is to protect and uphold humane and democratic utilisation of the Internet.