Google opens Digital Garage learning space in Helsinki

Google has opened a learning space open to all and free of charge at Kluuvikatu 5 in central Helsinki. Google Digital Garage focuses on digital skills training for jobseekers, students, entrepreneurs, children and families.

The learning space is part of the Grow with Google programmes, which have helped more than 10 million people in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to learn new digital skills. 

In addition to the new Helsinki learning space, Google Digital Garage offers free-of-charge online courses open to everybody at In all, Google has promised to teach new digital skills to no less than 10,000 Finns by the end of next year. 

“Basic digital skills are increasingly important, whether we are talking about various tasks on the job, the competitive success of an enterprise, or the wellbeing of children and young people. It’s important that everybody has the opportunity to learn these skills, for example, in connection with work and studies. That is why we want to be part of promoting this work,” says Google Country Director Antti Järvinen

“Helsinki seeks to be a city of educated workforce, where everybody has equal opportunities to develop their skills. The Google collaboration provides everybody with a new and flexible manner to complement their digital skills amidst the fast change in the job market. The Digital Garage learning space gives everybody an opportunity to obtain free-of-charge additional training, including job seekers, entrepreneurs and students. In addition, our goal is to find new paths to employment for roughly 500 jobseekers with the help of customized digital coordinator training,” says Ilkka Haahtela, Head of Immigration and Employment Affairs at the City of Helsinki. 

Training programmes

The goal with the training targeting entrepreneurs is to help small and medium enterprises to better utilize digital tools in their business. Plans for the future include a training series in 10 cities implemented by Google and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. 

The offering to jobseekers includes three-week digital marketing training in the digital coordinator programme organized jointly by Google and the City of Helsinki. The training is meant for jobseekers interested in employment with social media, analytics and online advertising. Unlike other training programmes, applications to this training should be submitted on the City of Helsinki website. Jobseekers are also provided with a wide range of shorter courses and workshops. Find out more about the digital coordinator training programme here (page in Finnish). 

Training for children and families includes coding for children, digital story telling and programming, an artificial intelligence course for children and a robotics workshop. 

The topics of other training courses and workshops include data security and online data protection, data security in the digital world and digital wellbeing.