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Gender equality in Helsinki - a snapshot in the light of strategic indicators

The publication examines gender equality in Helsinki. The review is linked to the City Strategy and its monitoring indicators. In addition to the strategy indicators, the review has compiled more broadly gender-disaggregated statistics under two thematic headings safety and safety experience, and work and training.

The gender differences observed with the strategy indicators are, in many respects, in line with the prevailing perceptions of the situation of women and men, such as women's weaker safety experience and men's greater disadvantage. The review also highlighted anxiety and loneliness that are more common among upper comprehensive schoolgirls than boys, as well as low levels of physical activity. In the case of boys and young men, concerns include, but are not limited to, exclusion from work and education and acting out through criminal actions.

The gender review of the strategy indicators was carried out now for the first time, but, in the future, the situation will be monitored regularly.

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