Finland issues a rallying cry to businesses and citizens because of the coronavirus – 48 hour challenge to innovate solutions for the crisis

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic tests the limits of society. Exceptional circumstances demand exceptional solutions, so Finland challenges its businesses and citizens to innovate ideas to counter the effects of the crisis. Many big Finnish companies have already signed up.

Finland launches a challenge to its businesses and citizens on Friday to combat the corona crisis. The “Hack the Crisis” challenge gives participating teams 48 hours to innovate solutions to ensure Finland’s survival through the unprecedented situation.

”Finns are exceptional under pressure. Throughout our history we have survived tough conditions and the coronavirus won’t be an exception. However, it demands that we think collectively and in different ways to help our nation. Everyone is needed now,” says Jussi Tapio, CEO of Ghost Company, primus motor behind the challenge.

The “Hack the Crisis” challenge was conducted first in Estonia and Finland’s southern neighbour will provide assistance and council to their Finnish counterparts.

”The coronavirus situation in Finland, as in Europe, is really worrying. A crisis requires thinking outside the box and new innovations. Finland has a tradition of coming up with creative solutions and this is the time for us to come together and think of ways in which to help our nation. I’m looking forward to seeing many people and businesses come up with brilliant ideas this weekend,” Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä says.

48 hours to use – what will you do?

Teams participating in the challenge have 48 hours from Friday until Sunday to think of ideas for three sub-categories: Save lives, Save communities and Save Businesses. The entire process will be conducted online.

After the time is over, a jury will select the five best ideas. Chosen teams will then be financed and supported to finalize the idea within the next 2 weeks.

”It has been wonderful and touching to see so many businesses and people from all corners of Finland get behind the challenge. I am sure that when we come together, we will find solutions to benefit both Finland and all other nations struggling with this crisis,” Jury Chairman Sami Lampinen from Inventure says.

Confirmed partners: Ghost Company, Inventure, Fujitsu Finland, Cisco Finland, Lataamo Group, Junction, City Of Helsinki, Casagrande Laboratory, Helsinki Factory, Sjaelso Finland, Republic of Communications, Maki.VC, Business Finland, Garage 44

Hack the Crisis Finland

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