Figures on housing and construction in Helsinki now on the same website

What is the average rent for dwellings in Helsinki, and how much has it changed over the last few years? And how many dwellings were there built in Helsinki last year – or, for example, in 2000? Answers to such questions will be found on Helsinki City’s new website about housing and construction – which is launched today on the address .

Historically strong construction boom in Helsinki

The website presents fresh statistics and research on – among other topics – housing production in Helsinki. The figures show that construction in Helsinki is at present at a historic level – higher than ever in the 2000s. More detailed data on households and the housing stock are grouped according to type of dwelling and type of building.

Statistics on housing and construction updated with latest data

Figures on dwelling prices and rents, too, in Helsinki are available on, and updated four times a year. Furthermore, there are chapters of their own on housing stock and inhabitant structure in Helsinki City’s so-called ARA council housing, and for households grouped by type, tenure status and housing space.

The website now brings together several sources that were earlier scattered over the web pages of the City of Helsinki, and it presents a list of the research reports produced by the city on housing and construction.

The website is only available in Finnish at the moment.

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