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The harbour. Photo: Julius Konttinen / City of Helsinki

Helsinki sets economic development policy until 2021

The Helsinki City Board’s Economic Development Sub-committee approved at its meeting of 28 May a proposal for the main emphases of the City’s economic development policy until 2021. The original proposal, which had been presented by the City Executive Office’s Economic Development Division, was amended with counter-proposals before approval.

The new economic development policy relies on the Helsinki City Strategy and emphasizes the following three themes: (1) an internationally appealing Helsinki, (2) a city of skilled workforce and (3) a platform for new and growing business activity. The areas of emphasis comprise a total of 14 sets of activities, which the City will implement during the City Strategy term. The emphases are checked as necessary over the course of the term.

International appeal, skilled workforce and new, growing business activity emphasized

The implementation of the activities emphasized in the Helsinki economic development policy will be pursued jointly by the entire Helsinki City organization.

The theme internationally appealing Helsinki is closely linked with ensuring sustainable growth in travel and tourism and prevention of possible unwanted secondary effects.

In order to secure the availability of skilled workforce, Helsinki seeks to remove obstacles for growth in enterprises. The potential offered especially by young and second-generation immigrants should be better utilized.

Helsinki as a platform for innovations and growing business activity is the area of emphasis with the longest-term goals. By 2021, that is, during the City Strategy term, Helsinki seeks to create a strong foundation that can help the city to become the best platform for new business activity in Europe by 2025.

In addition to the actual emphases and activities of the economic development policy, the dynamism of Helsinki is vitally affected by activities related to education, housing, traffic and transport, the environment, culture, and safety.

The goal set in the City Strategy, to make Helsinki the most functional city in the world, is a central theme of the economic development policy.

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