The world’s largest climate event, the WWF Earth Hour.

Earth Hour on Saturday from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM – enjoy a candlelight dinner for the climate

The world’s largest climate event, the WWF Earth Hour, sends a light signal for the climate on 30 March from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Where do you turn off the lights?

The Helsinki City Hall goes dark, the City Theatre turns off its facade lighting and the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY turns off, for example,  the facade lighting at the Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant. The lighting of the Roihuvuori water tower will be turned off on 29 March for the entire weekend.

Everyone can participate, for example by enjoying a candlelight dinner or by playing the My2050 adventure game about climate change. Climate action can also be taken by signing the Ilmastoveivi2019 petition.

Port of Helsinki turns off light masts in South Harbour and the Vuosaari Harbour.

At sport hall indoor swimming pools, the Earth Hour event moment varies, but a light signal for the climate is sent from every pool on Saturday 30 March. The lights are turned off both in the pool areas and in the lobbies and at many swimming pools, the swimming happens in candlelight.

Lights are turned off at Helsinki’s important structures

The 100-year-old Helsinki Central Station and the stone men express their concern over the climate change and turn off their lanterns. The clock tower lighting and the station’s facade lighting will also be switched off as part of the event. Many hotels in Helsinki turn off their lights during the event as well.

The lights are also turned off at the Helsinki Cathedral, the Old Church of Helsinki, the Suomenlinna Church and the Mikael Agricola Church. The lights of the Yleisradio mast are switched off. The Finnish National Theatre dims its outdoor lighting and advertising lighting. The Swedish Theatre will also darken.

Messukeskus Helsinki participates in the climate campaign by turning off the lights, outdoor lighting and the advertising and sign displays in its 7 halls and 40 meeting spaces.

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