Distance learning gets off to good start in Helsinki schools.

Distance learning gets off to good start in Helsinki schools

Read the latest information from the City of Helsinki’s Education Division on how home study and student services are being organised.

Helsinki schools serving children in grades 1-12 have transferred to home study for the period 18 March to 13 April 2020. Teachers will guide student activities for both individual and group work via the Wilma platform. This guidance includes things like commenting on student output electronically, giving feedback through online environments, steering online discussions, and arranging virtual instruction.

Teachers will primary organise distance learning from their homes, but they can also work from the school premises, if they wish.

School lunches will be served this week in Helsinki to all students in grade 1-9. Students can come to the school to eat until 20 March, regardless of whether they are studying at school or from home. A decision about the continuation of school lunch services after this date will be reached later. At a minimum, school lunches will continue to be served to pupils that are still attending face-to-face classroom instruction.

School psychologists and counsellors at Helsinki’s learning institutions will continue to serve the needs of pupils, parents and guardians, primarily via the internet. Individual students can call or send an email, and if necessary, make an appointment and come to the school for a one-on-one meeting. Student services staff also offer assistance through the online Jelppii.fi chat service, open every weekday from 10 am to 4 pm.

“The current situation is new and out of the ordinary for all of us. It is nevertheless very important that students maintain good daily study regimes. If possible, considering the circumstances, it’s a good idea to include outdoor activities and fun family time in your daily routines,” said Liisa Pohjolainen, head of the City of Helsinki’s Education Division.

Education Helpline answers questions

The City of Helsinki’s Education Helpline, which has received favourable feedback from the public, is available to answer any questions you may have about the new study arrangements. The service is open every weekday from 9 am to 6 pm. Call tel. 09 310 10025 for information in Finnish and English. A second helpline number, tel. 09 310 10027, will provide information in Swedish.

Check the City of Helsinki website regularly for the latest information. The website also features a FAQ section with answers to the most frequently asked school-related questions.

Helsinki students, parents and guardians can find updates from Helsinki’s Education Division under the Messages heading in the Wilma web interface.

Photo: Marja Väänänen