Photo: Jussi Hellsten.

Digitalisation is an opportunity to build the most functional city in the world

Helsinki wants to be the most functional city in the world. Above all, functionality means smoothness as you go about your daily life. Using digitalisation as a means, the City intends to develop services that anticipate the needs of the Helsinkians and meet their requirements in an increasingly individual manner.

The citizens will better than previously be the focus of the services. The City also wishes to make use of the data it collects to speed up decision-making.

This year, Helsinki has started several ambitious digitalisation projects. They will set in motion a series of changes with regard to both new technologies and the culture of city development as well as the municipal organisation and leadership and the skills of municipal staff.

What will digital Helsinki look like?

Through examples it is perhaps easiest to grasp the opportunities that digitalisation entails. This is for instance what smoothness in daily life could be like in a near future, as Helsinki is turning increasingly digitalised:

  • The City suggests a suitable place where the little pupil could go to preschool without the parents having to hand in an application specifically for this purpose any more.
  • Based on health data, the City recognises people who belong to groups at risk and invites them to a medical check-up.
  • In the framework of participatory budgeting, the citizens are able to put forward ideas and choose plans that the City will implement.
  • The City’s virtual model will enable the visualising and testing of decisions concerning zoning and traffic planning.

Services when you need them – familiarise yourself with the brochure and the digitalisation website

Helsinki’s digitalisation objectives have been compiled for the first time into a brief and compact brochure about municipal digitalisation (pdf).

You may also keep abreast of Helsinki’s advances in digitalisation by following the website, where you will find news as well as information about events, objectives and practical action with regard to digitalisation efforts by the City of Helsinki. The website will also carry stories about how digitalisation affects you, depending on whether you are a resident, an entrepreneur or e.g. a municipal employee.

Helsinki is not the only one to have chosen this path. The City is cooperating closely with, among others, the cities of New York and London in order to seize the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, open data and digital innovations in the best way possible.

Follow Helsinki’s advances in digitalisation on and debate on Twitter using hashtag #digihelsinki.