The development of the north-east corner of Suvilahti continues. The area is marked in red in the picture.

Development of Suvilahti event area progresses

Helsinki’s ambition is to become an increasingly attractive event city. Helsinki wants to support the creation of original and local culture and the prerequisites for the creation of events. An important component in reaching this goal is the development of the Suvilahti area, which the city wants to further expand into an all-year area for culture and events. In addition to the festivals, the city of Helsinki wants to turn Suvilahti into a stage for a diverse range of events, such as smaller cultural events, family events and sports and hobby events.

The importance of Suvilahti will be further emphasised, as Helsinki has a shortage of versatile event locations with good transport links. Moreover, as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak, capacity development for events and the event industry is even more important than before. At the same time, the diversification of the event-mindedness in Suvilahti is contributing to the development of entire Helsinki as a platform for creative initiatives.

Further negotiations concerning the development of the north-eastern plot to be based on the Suvilahti Event Hub proposal

The city of Helsinki’s objective is to develop Suvilahti into a versatile area for events and culture round the year. In the autumn of 2017, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori openly requested ideas for the development of the area. Having evaluated a number of ideas, the city of Helsinki continued the negotiations with two groups and arranged a tailored competition to evaluate the proposals at the end of 2019. The aim was to create rooms for event activities and additional services in support of the activities on the given plot in the north-east corner of the area (the red section in the picture).

Based on the competition, the city continues negotiations with the group which presented the Suvilahti Event Hub proposal. The premises programme and the business model of the proposal beat the other proposal in terms of how they support Helsinki’s city strategy and the goals of the competition. The Event Hub was also the best proposal with regard to how it allows the use of the event area on the south side of the area and entry to the Suvilahti cultural centre.

The target is that a development reservation for the project can be granted by the end of 2020. The reservation concerns only the plot in the north-east corner, and it does not affect other use or ongoing plans in the area. During the development reservation, there will be an architectural design competition for a building, which means that the details and, for example, the design of the other future buildings, will be determined only as a result of the architectural design competition.

The Suvilahti area will be developed comprehensively in the future. The two gas holders in the area are being renovated. A possible relocation of the Helsinki Art Museum HAM to the gas holders is also being looked into. The objective is to shape Suvilahti into an entity, whose profile is distinctive, yet respectful to the area’s traditions, and which blends well with the urban landscape. The city is hopeful that the original Suvilahti with its all-year activities will also attract more tourists to Helsinki.


Suvilahti Event Hub is a centre of expertise for Culture.

Suvilahti Event Hub is a smart event centre in Entertainment. It brings all-year event offerings to the heart of the city and serves as a centre of excellence for Finnish entertainment and event production and expertise, which stems from passion and a world-class approach to the development of the entire entertainment and event industries together with an international partner network. Making use of the premises and spaces both inside and outside makes for a varied range of events round the year. The proposal is presented by TV producer-director Aarni Kuorikoski, events veteran Jyrki Hytti and entertainment utility player Mikko Leppilampi. Architects Soini & Horto have been in charge of the designing. Realidea Oy’s Hannu Lokka is in charge of the project development, the developing, the construction economics and the investor relations.