Crown Bridges

City Council approved Crown Bridges

The Helsinki City Council has approved the project plan for Kruunusillat – Crown Bridges. The project plan comprises the construction of a tram connection between the Helsinki city centre and Laajasalo and three new bridges. The City Board voted for the proposal 13–2.

The total estimated cost of the project is approximately 260 million euros. The most visible part of the project would be the three bridges, the longest of them – the 1.2-kilometre Kruunuvuorensilta – would be the longest bridge in Finland. In addition to trams, the bridges would serve cyclists, pedestrians and emergency vehicles.

The tram connection, approximately 10 kilometres long, would run from the city centre to Yliskylä via Hakaniemi, Nihti, the Korkeasaari island (Helsinki Zoo) and Kruunuvuori.

The tram connection would serve the needs of the extensive new housing under construction and to be built in Kruunuvuorenranta and Laajasalo. The number of daily passengers to Kruunuvuorenranta is estimated at 37,000. The number of cyclists and pedestrians is estimated at 3,000.

One of the requirements for project implementation is the closure of the Hanasaari power plant in 2024, which has been approved by the City Council. The plant closure entails the termination of fuel shipments to Hanasaari, enabling the construction of the bridge connection.

According to the project plan, construction could commence in 2018 and traffic over the entire connection in 2026.

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