The coronacampaign.

Helsinki continues coronavirus campaign encouraging mask use, safe distances and handwashing

In November, the City of Helsinki launched the “Keep Helsinki open” campaign that encouraged public mask use in order to keep businesses and services open. When tighter restrictions were imposed at the beginning of December, the campaign message was updated to “Let’s take care of each other. Keep Helsinki safe.”

​The campaign continues to challenge people to wear a face mask in all public spaces and whenever it is difficult to avoid close contact, and to also observe other safety guidelines relating to handwashing and safe distances. This helps prevent the spread of the epidemic and facilitates the operations of the service industry as well as life outside the home.  ​

The campaign will be visible on city communication channels, social media pages and outdoor advertising boards until Christmas.​ 

Mayoral team supports adherence to current recommendations and restrictions

​The City of Helsinki has implemented close to the strictest recommendations and restrictions within its power. At the moment, it is important to focus on ensuring that they are observed as widely as possible. ​

​The Mayor and Deputy Mayors have worked with the divisions of the city to identify problem areas and situations that still present challenges in terms of adherence to coronavirus-related safety instructions. They are actively advocating for the issue, leveraging their personal contacts. It is important for the private sector, too, to understand its responsibility in curbing the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to the above, a social media campaign to remind people about the necessity of observing the recommendations and restrictions will kick off during week 51.

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