Helsinki City Council. Photo: Veeti Hautanen

Confirmed results of the municipal elections

In the municipal elections, 85 members and deputy members were elected to the Helsinki City Council for the four-year term beginning on 1 August 2021. The results of the municipal elections have now been confirmed and published on the Result Service website of the Ministry of Justice.

Based on the results, the National Coalition Party will continue as the largest party in the Helsinki City Council with 23 councillors. The second largest party in the Council are the Greens with 18 councillors, followed by the Social Democratic Party (13 councillors), the Left Alliance (11 councillors) and the Finns Party (9).

The Swedish People’s Party have five seats in the new Council, Movement Now (Liike Nyt) have three seats, the Centre Party have two seats and the Christian Democrats have one seat.

The Feminist Party and the Pirate Party, which gained a seat in the previous municipal elections, were left without any seats.

You can view the results of the 2021 municipal elections here.

Next mayor of Helsinki to be elected on 2 August

The City Council will elect the new mayor of Helsinki and the deputy mayors from among the councillors and deputies in its first meeting on 2 August 2021.

It is most likely that the mayoral candidate of the largest party in the City Council will be elected mayor, and that the deputy mayor positions will be distributed among the largest parties in the Council.

If the councillor groups are unable to reach a consensus on selecting a mayor and deputy mayors, an election will be held.

The first meeting of the council will also involve electing a chair and deputy chair for the City Council, members for the City Board and its divisions, and members for other committees and their divisions.

The City Council meeting on 2 August will begin at 6 pm and can be viewed through Helsinki-kanava at

The advance voting for the municipal elections was carried out in Finland from 26 May to 8 June 2021. The election day was 13 June 2021. The municipal elections emphasised COVID-safe voting arrangements, and the advance voting period was extended to two weeks. For the first time, it was also possible to vote outdoors at drive-in polling stations.

In Helsinki, 61.6% of eligible voters exercised their right to vote in the municipal elections.

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Photo: Veeti Hautanen