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Climate School at Helsinki City Hall increases understanding of influential climate actions

If you are a parent, a housing company representative or just a citizen who feels anxious about climate change, then you will find solutions and new thoughts by participating in Climate School during Helsinki Design Week. Climate School will feature several top experts, who add to the understanding of influential climate actions. The event is arranged in the City Hall lobby on 9–13 September.

The lessons of Climate School will feature in-depth looks at themes affecting climate change, such as traffic, housing, food and construction. The event is free of charge and the visitors can take part in one or several lessons.

Lessons, tests, hints, workshops – create your own schedule

Climate School starts with big themes and the city-level, while the programme then progresses during the week towards everyday choices and the individual level.

Among Monday's lessons, Project Director of Carbon Neutral Helsinki Kaisa-Reeta Koskinen opens the discussions under the theme “What does Helsinki’s carbon neutrality require (and is it even possible?)”.

On Tuesday, the topic is sustainable consumption and design, when Damy ry brings in designers to the City Hall, to create art pieces of recycled construction waste.

Wednesday’s theme “People and society” appeals to everyone who feels distressed about the climate or wants support for changing their own consumption patterns.

Thursday’s and Friday’s lessons are suitable especially for companies and housing companies. Thursday culminates with the 1.5-degree lifestyle game, through which it is possible to measure the carbon footprint and check what the 1.5 ways of life look like.

From Monday to Wednesday, the event will also feature Climateinfo, whose experts help you test the climate consequences of your food consumption and provide advice for the everyday choices.

Climate School concludes on Friday 13 September with a future theme, when sights are set far into the future and the climate influencing map, worked out with the young by means of design, is published.

Climate School is arranged by the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Design Week in collaboration with Aalto University, University of Helsinki and the City Academy.

Helsinki is committed to its responsibility in curbing climate change. In the Helsinki City Strategy 2017–2021, the ambitious goal is to make Helsinki carbon neutral by 2035.

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Event location: Helsinki City Hall lobby, main entrance at Pohjoisesplanadi 11–13

Climate School

Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035 Action Plan

Climate School lectures live and as recordings on the Helsinki Channel

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