City of Helsnki.

Clarisse Berggårdh appointed CEO of city’s new city marketing, investment and talent attraction company Helsinki Partners

The City of Helsinki is combining the operations of two of its subsidiaries, Helsinki Business Hub and Helsinki Marketing, into a new company named Helsinki Partners, which will be responsible for marketing the city and attracting investment and talent to Finland’s capital. Clarisse Berggårdh has been selected as CEO of the new firm from January 2022.

Berggårdh will transfer to her new position at Helsinki Partners from her current job as CEO of the communications agency Pohjoisranta BCW. Her strengths include a solid understanding of media, marketing, technology, business and stakeholder groups, as well as years of experience leading a marketing and communications teams. In her previous roles, Berggårdh has led change and built international partnerships.

–  Helsinki is a wonderful, ever-evolving city, where both living and working is meaningful and fun. I am excited about this opportunity to help make my home city better known throughout the world, and in this way, be a part of developing Helsinki into an even more interesting destination, Berggårdh said.

Helsinki Partners promotes the city amidst increasing competition

Competition is intensifying among cities as they seek to attract investments, top companies, talent and visitors. International recognition and an ability to stand out from the crowd is becoming key for success. The City of Helsinki aims to strengthen its position in this competitive market with Helsinki Partners Ltd, a new company wholly owned by the city that will employ approximately 60 experts.

Helsinki Partners will also have several cooperation partners. Its mission will be to promote the city’s sustainable growth, attract investments, businesses, talent and visitors, conduct international sales and marketing, and build Helsinki’s global reputation and brand. The new company is expected to make a considerable leap in building up Helsinki’s international reputation and attracting investments, employees, and companies to Finland’s capital.

Photo: 110th Street Productions