Senate Square. Photo: Marja Väänänen.

City Orienteering at Senate Square on Tuesday

The Helsinki city centre offers a unique opportunity to try orienteering in an urban setting on Tuesday, 11 June, as the Senate Square and the vicinity turn into an orienteering course. 

The Senate Square will be the central area of the events, including a World Cup Sprint Relay at 18–19, on Tuesday 11 June. 

HS Orienteering, a Helsinki orienteering society, and the City of Helsinki offer a remarkable opportunity in connection with the World Cup Sprint Relay to try orienteering in the unique environment of the city centre. 

The programme includes

  • Children’s Labyrinth Orienteering – a delightful race bursting with energy.
  • City Orienteering for the whole family and everybody interested in orienteering in the magnificent Helsinki city centre blocks.
  • World Cup Sprint Relay.
  • Following the World Cup Sprint Relay, Open Sprint Orienteering, in which anybody can test their orienteering skills on the World Cup Relay map.

The best way to follow the race is from the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral, where you can see the start, exchanges and the finish of the race. From a big screen, you can also see the competition moments in the nearby quarters. 



Children’s Labyrinth Orienteering, free of charge

  • Age recommendation: 5 and older
  • At the eastern side of the square near the steps of the Government Building


City Orienteering in the nearby quarters and the city centre, free of charge

  • An event for the whole family
  • Instructions and map available from the eastern side of the square near the steps of the Government Building


Open Sprint Orienteering on the World Cup map

  • Free of charge without timekeeping
  • 7 euros with timekeeping. Note: timekeeping requires registration.

Open Sprint Orienteering takes place immediately after the World Cup Sprint Relay, starting at 19:10. You can test your orienteering skills on the World Cup map!

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