A rendering of the new block named Lyyra to be built at Siltasaarenportti, combining residential and non-residential space

City office buildings in Hakaniemi to be replaced by a new commercial and housing block

City of Helsinki office buildings in Hakaniemi, located at the junction of Toinen linja and Siltasaarenkatu, will be demolished for new construction comprising varied non-residential spaces and homes. The current buildings are outdated for office use both in terms of building technology and operationally. 

The demolition and development were approved by the Helsinki City Council at its meeting of 28 August 2019. 

The demolition is made possible by the City Council–approved alteration to the detailed plan for the site of Siltasaarenportti at the junction of Siltasaarenkatu, Porthaninkatu and Toinen linja. 

The Helsinki City Council had approved a plan named Lyyra for the site of Siltasaarenportti in the autumn of 2018. The plan, produced by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, was the winner of an implementation competition based on the site plan. 

“The block to be built on the basis of the Lyyra plan will give the area more street-level business space, which is typical of the local Kallio district, as well as new non-residential space and housing. The winning plan will help create a dynamic city environment around the site, and it allows the Siltasaarenkatu pedestrian street to evolve,” comments Anni Sinnemäki, Helsinki Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment. 

Price ceilings for school renovations raised

The City Council approved the raising of the price ceiling for the renovation of Ressu Upper Secondary School by 5.3 million euros. The price ceiling is set in the renovation project plan. The new price ceiling for the renovation project is 23,004,370 euros. 

The Ressu Upper Secondary School building on Kalevankatu has served as a school building since 1892. The school was expanded to the adjacent site in 1912–1914. The building is significant both architecturally and in term of the Helsinki cityscape. It cannot be demolished, and no such demolition or alterations can be carried out in the building that would destroy or compromise the architectural value and style of the building exteriors facing the street and the park, the rooftops or the interior. Renovation work was commenced in January 2018. Over the course of the project, such significant needs for additional work and alterations have emerged that raise the costs of the renovation. 

The City Council also approved the raising of the price ceiling for the renovation of the Swedish-language comprehensive school Botby grundskolan and the price ceiling for the Jätkäsaari Comprehensive School included in that school’s project plan. 

Renovation of Tahvonlahti primary school and day care centre

The Tahvonlahti primary school building will be renovated with approximately 27 million euros. The planned renovation of the school building, which dates back to the 1970s, involves both operations and building technology, and it includes an expansion that will house Day Care Centre Tahvonlahti. 

The current day care centre building located at the adjacent site will be demolished upon the completion of the renovation project. The school building will comply with the educational objectives of open learning environments. The renovation is scheduled for completion in June 2022. The number of comprehensive-school-aged children in the Tahvonlahti school district will grow as the construction of the Kruunuvuorenranta housing community proceeds. The renovation will increase the capacity of the Tahvonlahti school by 230 to around 500 students. 

City of Helsinki to give up its holding in Lasipalatsi

The City of Helsinki sells its holding in the Lasipalatsi property to Mercator Fastigheter Ab. The sale price is 33.5 million euros. The holding covers the Lasipalatsi commercial space. 

The City has owned one-third of the shares in the Lasipalatsi real estate company Kiinteistö Oy Helsingin Lasipalatsi. The remaining two-thirds of the shares, that is, 69.15 percent, are owned by Föreningen Konstsamfundet. The buyer is a subsidiary of Föreningen Konstsamfundet. The commercial space of Lasipalatsi is leased mainly to enterprises operating restaurants and cafés in the premises. The terms of the leases will remain unaltered after the sale. 

Lasipalatsi was renovated in 2016–2018, and an exhibition space was completed underneath the Lasipalatsi square in summer 2018 for Amos Rex Art Museum. Amos Rex is a private art museum whose construction and operations are funded by Amos Anderson’s Föreningen Konstsamfundet association. Föreningen Konstsamfundet is a financially solid Finnish association, which supports visual arts and promotes Swedish-language culture. The subsidiary Mercator Fastigheter Ab is a company specializing in the ownership of real estate and commercial space. 

The decisions of the Helsinki City Council meeting of 28 August can be seen here (in Finnish). City Council voting maps and other information on Council meetings are published on the City web channel at www.helsinkikanava.fi, in connection with video recordings of Council meetings, which are available on demand. 

Regular Helsinki City Council meetings are held on every other Wednesday during the autumn season. The dates of the following meetings are: 11 and 25 September; 9 and 23 October; 6, 13 and 27 November, and 11 December.