New layout of will be launched November 28th.

City of Helsinki website to receive facelift

On 28 November, the website will be relaunched with a new design in accordance with the Helsinki brand. The changes to the site's appearance will be extensive and they are liable to cause malfunctions. Some parts of the site might be completely out of order. The site may also appear with two different designs during the latter part of the week. We will try to fix the errors as quickly as possible.

The objective of the facelift is to create a visually calm environment and to highlight the content. The major difference will consist of moving the list of links to the centre column above the bottom links. As a consequence, the space left for content will grow sideways on the web pages. The page addresses will remain the same, and so will the navigation bar. Various colours will designate different parts of the web pages that will be delineated by lines.

Improvements thanks to feedback

User feedback has influenced the overhaul of the site. Now, the feedback link will be raised to the website header. The events search has also been brought straight to the home page. We will introduce a site search engine based on IBM Watson artificial intelligence, which is currently being updated. The new search tool makes it easier for you to find the information you are looking for.

Every page will have a footer that enables you to switch right away to specific sections: municipal services for the families, the young, the elderly, the disabled, the immigrants and the entrepreneurs.

Pages with the new appearance will be published gradually

The website will first be launched in Finnish, Swedish and English, and further on it will be available in German, French and Russian as well. Thereafter, the project moves on to the sites for different groups of inhabitants, to the divisions sites and to the project sites.

Rebuilding the entire site will take time. Hence, pages wearing both the old and the new design will appear simultaneously.

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