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City of Helsinki looking for thousands of employees for the summer

Applications for the summer jobs at the city of Helsinki are to be submitted electronically through the City recruitment page at > Avoimet työpaikat > Kesätyöt ja kesäsijaisuudet (Finnish and Swedish only). An application deadline is shown separately at each job advertisement. Job seekers should check the site regularly, as new positions are announced almost every week during spring. Vacancies at the city-owned companies are applied for through each company's own website. The application period for summer jobs and temporary positions has started in January. 

The coronavirus epidemic may affect the realisation of some summer jobs and cause delays in the selection process. Possible delays are communicated to the applicants by e-mail in the different stages of the process.  

This year, summer jobs at the city are available, for example, in care work, park maintenance, kitchen work, various office tasks and sports site maintenance as well as through positions like planning trainees and construction helpers. Students and professionals are needed especially as cover for people on annual leave at the social services and health care division. 

City-owned companies offer diverse range of jobs  

Helsinki Marketing hires employees for the summer to guide visitors to the offerings and services of the summery city. Some twenty people are hired as Helsinki Helps and to the tourist information at the Helsinki Central Station for employments of different lengths and both full-time and part-time spells. The job ad is published on the website in the second half of February. 

Palmia recruits around 40-50 employees for the summer to the security services. The recruitment process for these positions is already underway and closes at the end of February. Stand-ins for the summer are also recruited to premises and real estate services, and the recruitment process for these positions starts when the needs assessment has been completed. Korkeasaaren eläintarhan säätiö (Helsinki Zoo foundation) hires about 50 employees for the summer to customer service, environment and facility maintenance and as zookeepers. In the majority of these summer jobs, the requirements are at least 18 years of age and education or studies suitable for zookeeper duties. The summer employees are hired for full-time jobs of various durations. 

Vacancies at the city-owned companies are applied for through each entity's own website. 

The city’s summer jobs are popular  

The summer jobs offered by the City of Helsinki are popular and an abundance of applicants is expected this year as well. Last year, there were more than 15,010 applications, of which about 9,553 came from 16–17-year-olds. There were 3,174 people hired for summer jobs, of which 692 were 16–17-year-olds. The Siisti kesä! project had 254 jobs, which attracted 1,492 applications. In addition to this, there were 523 employees hired for the summer through the city’s staffing services company Seure in 2020. 

The most popular positions going by the number of applications were early childhood educator assistant, service quality inspector, library assistant, office trainee, assisting youth leader, construction trainee, catering worker and lifeguard. Among summer temp positions, the highest number of applications were directed at the practical nurse, nurse and public health nurse positions.     

Summer voucher promotes summer employment of ninth graders 

This year, the value of the city of Helsinki summer voucher will increase from 300 euros to 325 euros. The summer voucher is given to all ninth graders in Helsinki schools. The City of Helsinki reimburses the value of the summer voucher to the employer from the wages paid to a ninth grader hired between 1 June and 13 August 2021. According to the preliminary assessment, in total, about 5,500 numbered and personalised vouchers will be distributed. Employers may search for summer voucher employees directly on the new website of the summer voucher at 

A voucher holder can accept a summer job with any business, association, foundation or parish. A housing company or hobby association may also act as the employer. Despite the difficult coronavirus situation in the summer 2020, the summer voucher helped 1,279 young people in Helsinki find employment. 

The City of Helsinki expects voucher employers to comply with the principles of the Responsible Summer Job 2021 campaign. The City participates in the campaign as an employer and continues as a partner of the campaign during the summer job season 2021. 

Further information 

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