A rendering of Helsinki Garden seen from Reijolankatu

City Council approves a detailed plan alteration, allowing Helsinki Garden to proceed

The Helsinki City Council approved an alteration to a detailed plan for Taka-Töölö at its meeting of 12 February 2020. The alteration enables the implementation of the Helsinki Garden project. 

The detailed plan alteration affects the green, sports, street and parking areas located in the northern section of the Eläintarha park in the district of Taka-Töölö. It is now possible to build an underground multi-purpose arena, non-residential facilities and residences on the street of Nordenskiöldinkatu – that is, the City Council has given the green light to the Helsinki Garden project. 

According to plan, the adjacent Helsinki Ice Hall building will be integrated into the complex, altered to serve as a smaller multi-purpose arena and sports facilities. The plan also includes training ice halls and a parking facility. 

The revised detailed plan allows the construction of a multi-purpose arena for no more than 16,000 spectators. The underground parking facility will have approximately 1,000 parking spaces. The transport and traffic plan drawn up for the project considers the impact of this sizable construction project on all modes of transport. 

The implementation of the revised detailed plan will involve both costs and income to the City. Related one-time investment costs are incurred from park construction work, the rebuilding of the local football field for winter use, and the demolition of the local sports air dome. The total costs of the one-time investments will be around 4.5 million euros. The cost estimate for the acquisition of a possible new training hall for Ice Hockey Foundation is 6.5–10.5 million euros. Annual operating expenses are estimated to be between 400,000 and 1.2 million euros. 

It is calculated that the City of Helsinki will earn income by selling and leasing plots. The capital value of the zoned building rights is around 65 million euros. According to an indicative estimate, the Helsinki Garden project would increase Helsinki’s municipal tax income by a total of around 10 million euros in the construction phase and corporate tax income by around 3 million euros. 

Tuomas Rantanen and Mia Haglund named as new City Councillors 

At its meeting of 12 February, the City Council approved the resignation of City Councillors Silvia Modig (Left Alliance) and Elina Moisio (Greens) from their duties as elected officials on the City Council. Modig is replaced by Mia Haglund of the Left Alliance and Moisio by Tuomas Rantanen of the Greens. The term of these new elected officials will end on 31 May 2021. 

More funding for the renovation of M100 Metro trains 

The City Council approved an increase in the maximum price for the renovation of M100 Metro train units as stated in the renovation project plan. The decision was based on a proposal of the Executive Board of Helsinki City Transport. The new maximum total price of the renovation project is 31.22 million euros. 

The decisions of the City Council meeting of 12 February are posted on the decisions release page. A release on decisions is posted on the page until minutes are issued. All City Council meeting agendas and minutes are available here. All documents are in Finnish.