A rendering of the future Hernesaari including a marina.

City Council approves detailed plan for Hernesaari

The question-and-answer session of the City Council meeting of 22 April 2020 focused on the coronavirus situation and especially how the City can cope with the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The questions asked by councillors mostly dealt with the safety of customers at assisted-living and nursing homes as well as the ability of the elderly to function; the impact of the coronavirus situation on the City economy; the social impacts of the situation; and the conditions of the homeless during the coronavirus period. Councillors also raised questions concerning children’s increasing learning differences and the preparedness to provide support for learners. 

Councillors’ questions in the Q&A session were taken by all Helsinki mayors. 

The statements of the Q&A session and the entire City Council meeting can be watched on demand on the City of Helsinki video channel Helsinki-kanava

Coronavirus updates from Helsinki

Hernesaari to be a dynamic city district marked by housing, tourism and leisure 

The City Council approved at its meeting both a detailed plan and a detailed plan alteration for Hernesaari, the surrounding water areas and local parks. The new detailed plan solution allows the area to be developed with housing, jobs, harbour operations and parks. 

The goal is to develop the Hernesaari area into an attractive residential district and a maritime concentration of tourism and leisure services. The area will support changes in behaviour and practices to fight climate change. 

According to the new detailed plan, Hernesaari is divided into a residential area on the eastern side and a non-residential area on the western side of the peninsula. The non-residential area comprises blocks of offices, sports buildings and parking facilities bordering on a cruise ship quay area.   

The housing blocks mainly consist of 6- to -8-storey residential buildings. The mix of housing types adheres to the Helsinki housing and land use programme: approximately 25 per cent of State-subsidized ARA rental homes and 30 per cent of Hitas and right-of-occupancy homes, while the remaining part comprises unregulated owner-occupied and rental homes. 

According to plan, the southern section of the area will have a snow dumping site and a marina. The waterfront park will have a swimming beach, play and sports services, and a water sports centre. 

According to the traffic and transport plan, movement in the area is based on safe walking and cycling connections, public rail transit, and water and vehicular transport. The plan puts truck operations to the Munkkisaarenlaituri quay on the western edge of the area. 

The costs to the City of Helsinki incurred by the implementation of the detailed plan solution will be approximately 180–190 million euros excluding value added tax. The City is estimated to gain 390–400 million euros in revenue from the sites. 

The City Council also considered initiatives from citizens and young people at its meeting. 

All decisions of the City Council meeting are posted on the decisions release page. A release on decisions is posted on the page until minutes are issued. All City Council meeting agendas and minutes are available here. All documents are in Finnish.