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The City of Helsinki telephone exchange services will switch to a new system on 1 March 2017.

City changes telephone service provider – temporary breaks in service are likely

The City of Helsinki issued a public bid to telecommunication voice service providers in the spring of 2016. The winner of the competitive bidding process was Sonera, and the City has signed an 8-year contract with the company. The supplier does not change, but the system will be changed. The numbers will not change. Services in accordance with the contract will be introduced stepwise, starting from a transfer of wireless services to a new voice platform and an introduction of a new exchange system. 

During the stepwise shift to the new service provider, all City of Helsinki phone lines will move to the new voice platform. The shift will begin on 27 February from mobile phone lines, and it will be carried out by administrative body.

During the shift, voice services may be cut off for short periods of time. A phone call may suddenly be cut off if the call is made during the shift. If this happens, the caller should wait for a short while and then call the number again.

A new exchange system

The City of Helsinki telephone exchange services will switch to a new system on 1 March 2017. Switchboard operators have been trained in the use of the new system, and the system has been tested widely. However, it is possible that wait times to be connected will be longer than normal on the first days of use.

Customers with Internet access can look for phone numbers on the City’s online phone number listing at

The City of Helsinki and Sonera are well prepared for the introduction of the new services and systems. They will do their best to ensure the functionality of all City phone lines at all times on all days during the shift. In case of problems, these will be announced without delay.

Shift to new wireless voice service by City department

  • Stara 27-28 February
  • Financial Management Services 1 March
  • Service Centre Helsinki 1-2 March
  • Education Department 6-14 March
  • Occupational Health Centre Helsinki 14 March 
  • City Executive Office 15 March
  • Port of Helsinki Ltd 16 March
  • Public Works Department 16 March
  • Social Services and Health Care Department - Family and social services 21-27 March
  • Sports Department 28 March
  • Building Control Department 28 March 
  • Real Estate Department 28 March
  • City Planning Department 30 March
  •  Procurement Centre 30 March 
  • Urban Facts 30 March
  • Social Services and Health Care Department - Hospital, rehabilitation and care services 2-12 April
  • Youth Department 13 April 
  • City Library 13 April
  • Early Childhood Care and Education Department 18-20 April
  • Environment Centre 24 April
  • Cultural Office 24 April
  • Helsinki Zoo 24 April
  • Finnish Adult Education Centre 24 April
  • Arbis, Swedish Adult Education Centre 24 April
  • Rescue Department 27 April
  • Social Services and Health Care Department - Health and substance abuse services 2-3 May
  • Social Services and Health Care Department- Financial and support services 4 May
  • Helsinki City Transport 9 May 
  • Housing Production Department 10 May
  • Helsinki City Museum 10 May
  • HAM Helsinki Art Museum 10 May
  • Helsinki Wholesale Market 10 May
  • Oiva Akatemia 10 May
  • Audit Department 10 May
  • Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra10 May