The city row boat season in Helsinki will continue until the end of October. Photo: Ants Vahter.

City boat season in Helsinki to continue until end of October

The Skipperi city row boat service has provided people in Helsinki with no boats of their own an opportunity to go rowing over the summer months. The city row boat season will continue until the end of October, so anyone can go rowing, for example, to admire the autumn colours on Helsinki shorelines. 

Skipperi city row boats can be found at three locations: near Finlandia Hall at the Töölö Bay in the Töölönlahti area, the boat point at the Aurinkolahti beach in Vuosaari, and Café Torpanranta in Laajalahti, Munkkiniemi. 

A city row boat can be rented online and be used for three hours. The boat service charges a basic fee of 25 euros per season. 

The number of city row boats available for rent is approximately ten in 2019. The number of row boats should increase in 2020, and a fourth city row boat point is planned for Herttoniemi. 

The arrival of city row boats in Helsinki is part of the city’s Maritime Strategy Project. The boats expand the maritime reach of Helsinki residents, and they encourage residents to use the city shorelines. At the same time, the service also supports the goals of Helsinki’s physical activity programme. 

City row boat points in Helsinki 

  • Café Torpanranta, Laajalahti, Munkkiniemenranta 2 (2–3 boats)
  • Finlandia Hall, Töölönlahti, at the “Journey Around the World” Helsinki Container, Karamzininranta (3–4 boats)
  • Aurinkolahti beach, Vuosaari (3 boats)

Helsinki’s Maritime Strategy provides guidelines for the development of the offerings and appeal of the city’s archipelago and waterfronts until 2030. The goal with the strategy is to improve maritime services and the ease of access to maritime destinations, to promote the organization of maritime events, and to continue to open local islands for recreational uses.

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